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Me n' Foxx doing his legendary sitting backwards takin' pix thang
.... and yes it is legal officer - we checked!


Our first commercial venture at New Forest HOG's 'Sandy Balls Rally' in 2005 was a major undertaking in terms of old school equipment & technology but one that proved an overwhelming success and has lead to us hitting the rally trail from May to September ever since !

Rob Oxley & the legendary 'Mini' visit the stand at Sandy Balls 2005

It was a great pleasure to welcome Rob Oxley & the world famous 'Mini' to the stand on the Saturday night.  'Mini' has been featured in virtually every biker mag 'cos to date she's travelled more than 15,000 miles on the petrol tank of Rob's Superglide wearing specially constructed UV goggles. She stands on a special non slip mat and if the weathers crap travels in her own little 'igloo' - priceless

visit Mini's home page in Pets Corner at Snake's Pix

(addendum sadly 'Mini' passed away a couple of years back - gone but not forgotten !)


During 2006 slideshows of parade rides etc were projected onto a large screen at events to enable large numbers of people to view simultaneously and facilitate rapid identification of specific images.


First outing in the 2007was New Forest's legendary Winter Ball at Bournemouth Pavilion where we road tested the new FUJI ASK 4000 dye sub printer which produces a virtually indestructible laminated 10 x 8 in 40 seconds.

Next up in 2007was the Cider Rally and the first outing for the 'Magic Photo Bus' - our new RSV (Rally Support Vehicle - a.k.a. The Pikey Bus) that also doubles as a mobile print shop c/w 2Kw LPG generator and full UPS

HOG South Of England Rally (SOFER) 2007

No sleep till Hammersmith ....

 but first Spring Fever where we were in our usual spot between the bar and the restaurant ... handy !

(pic courtesy Jimbo Murphy)



The 17th Cider Rally we took our display to a new level with a 32 inch tft screen for when its too bright or impractical because of space limitations to use the projector. We also utilised the same multi screen set up we employed for the latter half of last year to run additional multi screen slideshows to ensure the minimum drinking time wasted finding you image

HOG UK - South of England Rally 2008

Snakes Pix in the Air !

Beam me up Scotty

Squires n Spires 2008 - Click here for full story !


Fenlanders 2008

Me n' 'Fox'  head off in search of the perfect location - and we found it !!

Fox bags the smartass pic of the day award


Sherwood Chapter ~ 'Legend' Rally

My 'navigator' Fox shows scant respect for the pilot by crocodile clipping the parade route to the back of my waistcoat .. AND we still got bloody lost .. how is it not possible to find Nottingham Castle smack in the middle of Nottingham .. someone tell me cos I don't get it  ??

NEW FOR 2010

Technology marches on and at the 2010 Cider & Spring Fever HOG rallies in Weston-Super-Mare & Weymouth we preview our all new vesa mounted display screen set up enabling us to deliver 8-10 slideshows of ride pix within minutes of offloading and powering up the stands


You may well recall that we extended 'Snake'sPix on the Road'  to ‘Snake’s Pix in the Air’ when Foxx got to do his whirly bird thing at Nene Valley’s ‘Squires and Spires' rally a year or two back. Well now we done the whole HOG with ‘Snakes Pix on the Water’ courtesy of the Water Ski Park bar staff at the Big Brum Bash rally who wanted to make sure that anyone coming even remotely close to making it across the lake without getting wet in the 'raft race' had to navigate a wave that would have sunk the Titanic


No where to hang the smile banner at the Cider rally - so any port in a storm

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