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Tony's First Ride


TONY OAKSHOTT (and wife Miriam inset)


This was not my first ride but itís the first pictures I have from my biking career. I rode the Wall Of Death for two and a bit yearís and these are the only pics I have of me back then. The wall was owned by Tommy Messham snr who was based in Birmingham. I learnt to ride the wall when it was sited on Clarence pier Southsea for a season.

I then travelled around the UK the following year then on to Ireland to the RDS in Dublin and a few other venues. Havenít done it since way back then but have been having thoughts about calling my mate Ken Fox, who I think owns the only working wall in the country now, so watch this space I might just do it again for charity if the price is right!!!  


Tony  ŰŅŰ

The following is not the wall of death that Tony rode but its an interesting website sent to me by Gary Miller in Middlesbrough who's mate runs it -Thanks Gaz !!