My First Leg Over

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I had contemplated calling this feature something bland like 'My First Ride' but know I how attracted some people are to smut and innuendo on the Internet so I thought bollocks let's go the whole hog and pander to the baser instinct of curioisity and call it 'My First Leg over'. So if YOU have a pic of yourself on the first hot and  throbbing beast you had between your legs and  you'd like to share it with fellow HOGsters please  a copy preferably with a 'now' pic of you so we can all see how well you've 'matured' compared to the bike you're sat on. Any anecdotes relating to the bike also very welcome ...Send us details and a pic of your 'First Legover'

OK so this is me aged 7 at the controls of my Dad's Matchless. Unlike many of you guys I never rode a motor bike as a teenager  - I was a more of a mod on a Lambretta 150 and didn't own a bike till I was 46 when I bought my Sportster. This bike left me psychologically scarred as we used to travel from Southampton to my Gran's house in Manchester every year for Christmas and the side car only had one seat so I'd be sat on the floor on a cushion between my mums legs for about 10 hours frozen to the bone - tell that to the kids today ...


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Send us details and a pic of your 'First Legover'