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* recent additions 16-10-06 ~ Gadget ~ Oliver
Do you have an unusual pet you'd like to share online ?... a funky gibbon maybe , a tetchy tarantula per chance .. it doesn't necessarily have to be unusual - if all you have is an adorable pussy like Mrs Slocombe we'd like to see it

So to set the ball rolling . These are our Siamese Twin Great Danes - 'The Fuglies' .. so named for obvious reasons .. walking them's a bastard when they wanna go in different directions !

Our Danes are 'Harlequins' (ironically nicknamed 'Harlies' in Kennel club circles)
The fat twat below cost me £1,800. When I got her home from Yorkshire I realised she had two different coloured eyes (one grey and one brown) and felt well stuffed over.
I wanted to call the male (above) with the black patch over his eye 'Boner' ( after Napoleon Bonaparte obviously) but felt it even funnier (whilst pissed one night) to call 'em all the girlies after Fairies
 .... So I give you Pixie, Elf , Tinkerbell ( & Boner of course).. ha ha

The Fuglies Home Page
Karen & Marks Andrex Puppy called 'Harley'
(no not 'Arse wipe' ... how's that gonna sound when yer stood in the middle of a busy dog walking field )
Altogether now Aaaah !

Here's Sacha my Siberian Husky. He's so laid back sometimes that he's horizontal. Literally. Other times he can be so manic you just have to get out the way and hope the destruction isn't gonna be to bad. But we love him. Then there's the cat, Misha. Nuff said! .... 'Cas' Castro

*footnote - several weeks after these pix were uploaded Sacha died very unexpectedly on Tuesday 11th July 2006  aged 2 years 7 months & 15 days.  Needless to say both my wife Sheila & I are devastated by his loss, but I wanted to thank all those who have sent massages of support and condolence to both of us and just to know that people are thinking of us helps a great deal.  Sacha's death has left a very large hole in our lives, one which will not be easily filled, but I know that my friends in New Forest HOG are there for us , and for that I thank you all.

Cas Castro
'Ozzie Jenny's' Bear

Hi Snake,
Its the Ozzie again !!..Just thought id share my Harley with you ..only one i have !!!!
This bear is the authentic Harley Davidson bear. Made exclusively for Harley Davidson Motorcycles. He has the official emblem sewn onto his foot. Just thought you may like to see him anyway.
Warm Regards to you all
Jen xx
John & Ali's ~ Casper & Cleo

Newest Race Fan ~ AJ's friend 'Pitbull' from across the pond


Here are a couple of pictures of my 2 geese for your Pets Corner.
The large white is called “Gos” and the Grey is “ Henry”- short for Henrietta.

Nearly as good as my Rottweillers for Guard purposes,



I first encountered the World famous 'Mini' at Sandy Balls 2005 when owner Rob walked past out trade stand .

has been featured in virtually every biker mag 'cos to date she's travelled more than 15,000 miles on the petrol tank of Rob's Superglide wearing specially costructed UV goggles.

She stands on a special non slip mat and if the weathers crap travels in her own little 'igloo'

Rob and Mini  have raised literally thousands of pounds for Battersea dogs home (where he originally got her) by asking people for donations in return for having their photo taken with her.

(Mini on Fenlanders parade ride to Cromer seafront - 29-09-07)

We were re-united in July 2006 at the Fenlanders rally and hatched a plan to launch a dedicated home page for the benefit of Mini fans worldwide - watch this space but in meantime check out Mini at Autumn Blitz 2006



 click here for more music loving felines


Park yer pussy (or pooch) with Karen and party with a clear conscience

Contact Karen Rawlings 07971 449948 (Ferndown)

 Lippy's 'Funkee Monkey'

Lippy's occasional 'Gottle o' Geer' drinking partner

Thought you might like a pic of my dog called Gadget sitting on my Harley night train . One day I also found him sleeping on my old 883 Sportster.   He's such a laid back dog  who knows maybe he was once a Harley rider in a previous life ???.
(courtesy Stephen 'Boilerman' Bell)


courtesy Rob & Hilary Gunson
(see more pix of Oliver at Autumn Blitz 2006)
(see more pix of Oliver at Cider Rally 2007)
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