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Head Fugly Elf's final curtain call (24-11-06)

 Never work with Animals and Children 

End of an era - Another one bites the dust (28-11-06)

'Tinkerbell' a.k.a. 'Lady Marmalade' (KC pedigree name)
 (24-09-06 to 28-11-06)  

Just 4 short days after the traumatic demise of 'Head Fugly' Elf it was a double whammy for the occupants of the Snake Pit as 'Head Fugly -in waiting' Tinkerbell succumbed to the inoperable tumour in her leg joint following an all night fireside vigil by Lippy. Tink was inconsolable at the loss of 'Big Sister' Elf so in some ways it was an inevitable but welcome release. They say that owning a Harley (Harlequin Dane) is a dog owning experience like no other.... having now buried five of them in total I can vouch for that

When I collected her from Yorkshire her breeder (the same one we had sourced 4 of our 5 danes from) jokingly told us this one had 'the devil in her' . She did and she was the most fantastically mischievous hooligan of them all

>>>   See 10 years of Tinkerbell's magic in 10 seconds    <<<

' Elf ' (19-10-95 to 24-11-06)

('Elf's final photo call  - 19-11-06)


Sad to report the loss of Head Fugly 'Elf' today after a slow deterioration of the nerves and muscles in her hind quarters , a condition common to most giant breeds . Her spirit will live on in this website however as this will  now become the official Fuglies  home page ... for now click below to view an attempt by Lippy to capture our 'portrait' for posterity last summer  in an overly sunny front garden and watch this space for further re-runs of absolutely hooligan fuggin' behaviour by the posse over the years  ! 

>>>  Never work with Animals and Children  <<<

>>>  Never work with Animals and Children  <<<