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Chapter Director Tony and the Great Western posse demanded sunshine for their 'Summer Solstice' rally
... and the Sun God Ra meekly obliged and delivered it by the bucket load for the rideout across the Cotswolds

The Ride thundered through the painfully picturesque village of Castle Combe
Location for movies such as Dr Doolittle and Spielberg's 'Warhorse' ...startling the Jap tourists

Friday Arrivals baked in the sun too


The chapter members staged a 'Starz in their Eyes' Cabaret to the rapturous appreciation of the assembled masses including 'Walk like an Egyptian'  by the Bangles , Adele & Amy Ginhouse etc

Our mate on the right ~ a big lad by his own admission proudly erected the tent he ordered on Ebay ... much to the amusement  of his friends ~ a tent that claimed to be the 'smallest one man tent on the market' and was unanimously regarded by all who saw it as about the size of a coffin ... or possibly a speed bump once he was in it

A biker mascot was strategically sat in the tent upon erection to give the above photo some scale and perspective !! . I'm not sure if the tent was left behind for the benefit of a subsequent  midget camper to use ?