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The legendary Snakes Pix team including Foxx, Pixie and new addition 'Porkster' were on hand to capture the magic

The third year at Seaview holiday park in Weymouth and a sell out attendance of 800 compared to just 350 in 2012  is testament to the dedication of the New Forest HOG posse and meticulous planning for the rally which perpetuated the 'Blazin' theme set by Blazin' Saddles & Blazin' Cannons the previous two years

We rattled off quite a lot of shots of peeps heading for the Parade Ride muster point  ....

... Before heading off to the the legendary White Horse at Osmington Hill which can be clearly seen from Weymouth Beach. The figure is of King George III, who regularly visited Weymouth. There seems to be may stories and versions of what and why this white horse was carved into the side of Osmington Hill to the east of the town, overlooking Weymouth Bay. This horse is the only example of a horse with rider. One unlikely story is that it was cut by a soldier in the early 19th century to commemorate the visits paid to Weymouth by King George III and his brother the Duke of Gloucester from 1789. But covering almost an acre, could it really be the work of just one man? ...Another story says that the work was done by a group of engineers stationed in Weymouth when the fear of a Napoleonic invasion was at its height. This is linked to the mention of the horse in Thomas Hardy's "The Trumpet Major" where it is said to commemorate the Battle of Trafalgar.  Whatever the truth it was a phenomenally popular backdrop for John 'Monkey' Monks' police escorted  parade ride of OVER 300 HARLEYS which as usual took in 20 miles of stunning Dorset countryside before hitting the main promenade in Weymouth for the static display at Weymouth Pavilion

So for the benefit of the many New Forest HOG members and others who tagged along for the ride
 but didn't make it back to the site they're all right here !


Sunday we were back on the road to capture Si Williams coastal ride to West Bay along the legendary B3517 Abbotsbury road rated as one of the best motorcycle rides in Britain with its stunning sea views and twisting landscape

'Geordie Andy' captained his last ever ride to Mangerton Mill before heading off into the Spanish sunset
....  and early retirement

Why-Aye man !!

Ride Safe and see Y'all next year for Blazin' Twenties :~))