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An overnight outbreak of foot & mouth - one mile up the road at Pirbright rather bollocksed our carefully researched locations for the group rideout photoshoot vantage points we had planned for the Saturday morning as with literally minutes to spare we were forced to improvise ... SCROLL TO BOTTOM OF PAGE FOR RIDE GALLERIES...

South Of England Rally 2007

Pic kind courtesy Jimbo Murphy

to view slideshow of Second official 'Lady of Harley' rideout to Windsor Castle
...... her Madge conspicuous by her absence for this crew pic

(more pix courtesy Jimbo)

Pic kind courtesy Jimbo Murphy

If you want to know what THIS is all  about you really do have to watch this space

(in the meantime you can however view more pix at Jimbo's website )

Pic kind courtesy Jimbo Murphy

This years rally was a 'multi national' affair with chapter presence from as far away as France & Belgium - in his rush to straddle his HOG this young man had obviously forgotten to put his shirt (or trousers) on but we felt it warranted publishing his picture for displaying such a radical tattoo on his leg - any other suggestions for justifying his pic on a postcard please
Unless of course you have a better one for this one ...

Pic kind courtesy Jimbo Murphy

... Unless of course you have one for this picture of of several Nene Valley members taking sneaky advantage of the chapter challenge rule that says you earn bonus brownie points in the chapter games if you do something 'Outrageous'


There were 2 official organised rides - Red at 10.00 am and Blue at 10.30 am + one unofficial organised ride to Henley

Click on relevant links below to view slideshows - Printable order form can be found at top of this page - we're away at Bulldog Bash till Sunday so if you wanna order by phone give us a call Monday 13th or alternatively drop us an e- mail

Red Ride

Blue Ride (camera 1 - on site)     Blue Ride - Camera 2 (on road)

Henley Ride

Lady of Harley 'Sunset Safari' Ride