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Snakebite - A round up of the Best of the Rest of the rally pix

Predictably ‘Singing in the rain’ and ‘Raindrops keep falling on my head’ became the songs that defined this years Spires & Squires as the first day of the rally drowned along with most of the surrounding countryside under a mid summer monsoon

Snakebite - A round up of the Best of the Rest of the rally pix

Those that made it were awash with tales of the trials and tribulations of riding there through 3 feet deep floods, oil slicks etc.  Many comrades failed or were simply turned back by the police when it became impossible to go any further. ‘Little Bob’ from New Milton set off by car from New Milton on the south coast and 10 hours later was only 70 miles up the A34 at Didcot – 8 of those excruciatingly stationary in his vehicle before returning home . To his credit he set off again the next day and actually made it !

All in all  a tremendous shame given the investment Nene Valley had made in ’Going posh’ this year as chapter director Martin put it upgrading the primary venue from the hospitality marquee to the main Grandstand pavilion  in anticipation of growing numbers through the gate

Fashion Show pix

However an impromptu fashion show on the Friday laid on by ‘Mr Beast’ and ‘Lady Tina’ along with other biker clothing traders on the site did much to raise spirits but on Saturday many were still too exhausted to undertake the ‘Return to Millbrook’ test track outing painfully negotiated by Nobby with the OO7 team who had commandeered the site for Daniel  ‘Bond…James Bond’ Craig to get to grips with the new Aston Martin on the skid patch.

Millbrook Track Pix

They finally agreed to break for an hour for lunch to enable the ride to proceed so we were on a tight schedule. We caught a glimpse of the main man in his shades as we were leaving and no girls he wasn’t wearing THAT swimsuit although by now were in blazing sunshine although 20 miles away back at the site it was still raining !

Road Captain 'Jester' and partner lead the ride back to site

Return from Millbrook pix

''' Snakebite - A round up of the Best of the Rest of the rally pix

Saturday afternoon’s ‘Weetabix wrestling’ bout went ahead despite the fact it was once again raining stair rods and the nubile young ladies were jolly lucky not to lose their bikini tops and bottoms given how lubricated they both were

Snakebite - A round up of the Best of the Rest of the rally pix

Possibly to reflect the global phenomenon of ‘Captain Jack’ the fancy dress theme this year was ‘Pirates’ and everyone was thoughtfully provided with an eye patch in their rally pack so there really was no excuse for not joining in – as a result there was much ‘Ha Haaring’ , more ‘Captain Pugwash’ jokes about ‘fine pairs of dubloons’ , ‘Seamen’, 'Rogering the Cabin Boy’ and inflatable parrots than you could shake a monty python sketch at


Snakebite - A round up of the Best of the Rest of the rally pix

‘The Strangers’ made a welcome return as headliners with a slick covers of rock anthems closing with a stunning rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody and MC Rockin’ Rob got his knuckles rapped for allowing the party to go on till 3.30am .. shame

(Rockingham Track pix kind courtesy Sir John Winston Rambo)

Snakebite - A round up of the Best of the Rest of the rally pix

That didn’t deter many from taking advantage of a specially extended rally rideout to Rockingham raceway where the Nascar guys and Craig Jones were strutting their stuff culminating in a Barbie back at the site.

More New Forest HOG member pix here

Lips and I bigged this rally up so much after last year that the presence of New Forest HOG members rose from just 7 (last year) to an amazing 54 tickets sold this year .. hope you saw beyond the weather and how great this event can be when the sun has got his hat on

Next stop on the UK rally trail Fenlanders … weather permitting