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Hells Bells – It’s Spring Fever 2007

>>>>>>>>  Click here to View more pix of Hells Bells  <<<<<<<

Leading UK AC/DC tribute band ‘Hells Bells’ were a fitting end to the first day of Spring Fever 2007 and the perfect way to unwind after travelling the length and breadth of the UK as many riders had to be there

>>>>>>>>  Click here to View more pix of 'The Mods' <<<<<<<

We don't get much chance to check out the bands other than Friday night and in addition to the tribute to Angus & co. also  enjoyed 'The Mods'  who delivered a very authentic sounding tribute to the Small Faces a la Steve Marriott ... very cool to hear 'Tin Soldier' again complete with growling Hammond

(depart pix courtesy Rev Jim)

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The sun kept his hat on all weekend – contrary to all the ominous forecasts of rain which was just as well given Saturday’s parade route was dramatically increased this year from the usual 8 mile bimble into Weymouth to a stonking 30 mile round trip in blazing sunshine via Puddletown & Dorchester

 Click here to view camera 1 gallery of sea front parade ride  <<<<<<<

(NB the above gallery features only the first third or so of the riders but there are some nice pix with sea in background)

(camera 2 pix courtesy Rev Jim)
 Click here to view camera 2 gallery of sea front parade ride  <<<<<<<

>>>>>>>> Click here to view camera 3 gallery of sea front parade ride  <<<<<<<

 >>>>>>>>   Click here to view galleries of New Forest HOG's Finest <<<<<<<

An impressive array of Police outriders spearheaded an equally impressive army of 40+ New Forest road marshals to ensure the 400+ bikes didn’t get lost !

>>>>>>>>   click here to view gallery dedicated to Weymouth P.D.'s 'Boyz in Blue'   <<<<<<<

(Ab-Fab firework pix kind courtesy of Spider)

>>>>>>>> Click here to view more firework display pix  <<<<<<<

The awesome firework display in the evening shook the entire site and was accompanied by music to match

Sunday morning there was the usual choice of four organized scenic rideouts

(Sleep deprivation was beginning to take its toll by Sunday morning so the focus in some of the pix in the Ride 1 set are a bit iffy so if planning on sending a cheque for a print please call before mailing so I can take a look at the original image ... Suffice to say I had my shit  together by Ride 4 which I'm delighted to say all look absolutely STUNNING !)

>>>>>>>> Ride 1 ~ Monument Tour  <<<<<<<
 Ride 2 ~ Mystery Tour  <<<<<<<
 Ride 3 ~ Portland Bill <<<<<<<
 Ride 4 ~ Swanage <<<<<<<

(pic kind courtesy Spider)

All rides culminated at Lulworth Castle for refreshments and live entertainment from Jim Etherington and his band

Then it was all back to camp for the legendary New Forest fancy dress party where we we were joined as usual by dazzling celebs including Tom Hanks fresh from the set of  'Castaway' ,  Charlie Dimmock from 'Ground Farce' and
... 'Boing'  said Zebedee !

>>>>>>>> Click here to view more fancy dress party pix <<<<<<<


Following his phenomenal reception at last years Autumn Blitz rally the highlight of the party was once again  ‘Tom Jones’ accompanied this year by assorted felines (and hogsters) for a rousing rendition of ‘What’s new pussycat’

>>>>>>>> Click here to view more of TJ and his entourage <<<<<<<

(pic kind courtesy of Zebedee the woodman)

>>>>>>>> Click here to view more inuagural 'Bunny Run' pix  <<<<<<<

Read about the background to the 'Bunny Run' and how to Hop on board at Autumn Blitz on Lippy's home page

The planning and implementation by Les and the New Forest posse – honed over many years of experience shone like comet in the night sky and was testimony to the fact that the devil definitely does have all the best music

As promised  we have endeavored to make it easier for our ever growing circle of friends and rally acquaintances to find their pix easily without having to trawl through galleries unnecessarily .. if you're not featured here it's simply that we can't recognize you with your clothes on (biker clothes that is !!)

Bridgwater HOG

Nene Valley HOG
NF HOG (East) ~ NF HOG (West) ~ Bridgwater HOG ~ Nene Valley HOG

Parade depart ~ Parade on Seafront ~ Sunday Rides ~ Fancy Dress ~ Marshals gallery ~ Police Gallery
Lippy's 'Bunny Run' ~ Bands