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Let the fun begin - The first rally of the new season was an absolute cracker and must surely rate as one of the best Cider Rallies ever ? - the planning and execution was impeccable throughout ... well done guys !

Parade Ride to Weston Super Mare

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A band from Yeovil called Storm kick started Friday Nights entertainment with a passable  selection of rock covers from Crowded House thru Darkness

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The fancy dress theme Saturday night was 'Rumble in the Jungle' and not only did the 'Spirit of Chapel Ash' astound and delight the assembled masses with an attention to detail that would put a surprisingly subdued  'Nene Valley chapter' to shame but ...

... the choice of 'Rang a Tang' as the headline band was a stoke of genius on the part of Tina and Dave Holden ~ 4 guys playing a total of 16 different instruments .. and a mind blowing selection of songs absolutely guaranteed to make a HOG party rock ... truly amazing !

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Missed the 'Poor Boys' from Wales but copped for 'The Heroes' who almost stole the show from Scottie (aka the 'Jack Daniels Experience' at the last years Knot Rally) - delivering a rousing and energetic selection of authentic 80's covers from the Jam thru to the Specials ... excellent !


What rally is now complete without an appearance by 'Oliver' ~ Biker Dog Extraordinaire !!

Rob & Hilary chaperoned Ollie all the way from up T' North for his first celebrity appearance of the season in his very own Biker chariot which  .. along with along with his now legendary bike secured Rob another custom paint job trophy in the ride in Bike show ... a show which I'm not sure he even realized he'd entered  - result then ?

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Finally ... and as if their Saturday night effort wasn't enough - 'Spirit of Chapel Ash' returned to the fray once again on Sunday Night to secure the fancy dress crown for the season to date with a theme that would put the cheesiest BBC hospital drama to shame ~ Emergency 911 - 'The Paraletics' - hysterical especially when MC Rockin Robbie P. announced an outbreak of 'Belgianaires disease' and the team descended upon the visiting Antwerp chapter to practise their CPR methods !

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All in all an AB FAB start to the rally season - a celebration of fantastic seamless organization on the part of the Bridgwater HOG committee and supporting posse - Congrats Guys from all at the Snakes Pix crew