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Winter Ball 2007

As usual the dress code was ‘Men in Black’ & ‘Women Dressed to Thrill’ – with this in mind I skipped up to the Ballroom entrance in my turquoise leg warmers and sequined sling back wellies  to  find that a few folk had inexplicably made even less of an effort to dress up than me. I made a firm mental note to wear my gardening jeans next year. They reside largely at the very bottom of my laundry basket for months at a time which is a real added bonus when I need them as they are both creased and musty. Having checked my anorak into the cloakroom I went in search of entertainment.

DJ Rob Paston did a great warm up set and the dance floor was awash with Harley peeps keen to get the party started. First act on stage was The ‘Rat Pack’ which as the name suggests was a Frank, Dean and Sammy tribute. They provided the perfect opportunity for New Forest’s own Fred n’ Ginger Dwarf to display their newly acquired dancing skills – and very impressive they were too. Yes girls - Karen succeeded where we all failed - She got her Husband to attend ballroom dancing classes !

Talking of Husbands Carol was proudly showing off her new one. Some of you may recall Martins proposal to Carol last year at Spring Fever ?. Well they went and done the dirty deed - they tied the knot at the Kernow Xmas Party ...  Congrats to you both !

The swing stuff went on a bit too long for my liking but Terry Nash as Meatloaf soon jolted me back to rockier reality. Christine( from Nene Valley Chapter)  and I danced, clapped and sang along for the whole set but by the end my feet were sweaty and my boots were blistering my heels - besides which  Snake needed me back at his portable portrait stand  as he was  inundated with folk who clearly misread the dress code and had come in attractive dresses/suits.

Last up were ‘Skool Daze’ who were once again a big crowd pleaser running the gauntlet of all that was good musically in the eighties including an ab fab rendition of ‘Video killed the Radio Star’. Amazingly young but great musicians and featuring two excellent girl singers and a superb fretless bass player.

All too soon Robbie P. was once again bringing the evening to a close with Ole’ Blue Eyes ‘New York New York’. Six hours zap past so fast when you’re having a damn fine time. Well done Les for laying on another fantastic opener to a new riding season. It was 4.45am by the time I kicked off me bootiettes - feet hot, sore and quite frankly stinking to buggery bollocks of rubber before slipping into a welcoming state of comatose

Lip Service by Lippy

NF HOG 211a