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Thanks to John Rambo for valued contribution to this gallery

Pompey Pete’s Fleet Air Arm Foray

PP’s ‘qualifying ride’ as “Road Captain in Waiting’ (or some other Cinderella-esque’ mantle ??) went entirely according to ‘Flight Plan’ – apart from a dodgy detour via a Vicki Pollard inspired sink estate in Yeovil after we collectively missed the exit to Salisbury.

A slightly déjà vu experience that we had come full circle (which of course we had) ensued as we blasted off at warp speed for Blandford

The day had been an early riser for a 9.30 depart from Ower to a well Recce’d rendezvous at the Fleet air arm museum at Yeovilton – hand picked by PP for his RC debut.

Bob and Christine entered into the spirit of the event in true ‘British’ spirit (sit up and take note Blair) with a beautiful wicker picnic hamper strapped to his stunning Springer softail

Bee and Billy got a bit bored late afternoon and decided to take full advantage of the kids helter skelter to the obvious consternation of the elderly couple on the left

Having discovered that Bob Long’s brother wasn’t wearing HD socks as I had at first suspected (ever searching for the ultimate photo op)  his good lady wife Rianne stepped into the breach with a wonderful pair  that she was clearly wearing out of a sense of loyalty to whomsoever bought them for her ? ….. bless

PP had his son in tow and his T shirt bore legend to ‘Dorkington Hackers’ – given our location he might possibly have done well to take note of the CIA flights taking off on the hour from RAF Mildenhall ??

On emerging from the museum it became obvious the local Porsche owners club had arrived en masse in an attempt to upstage the New Forest contingent – no chance suckers !

It’s a nerve wracking experience at the front of 50 + bikes – I know   cos I made a complete arse just trying to lead 7 to Compton Abbas airfield once .. so respect to Pete for a highly commendable first sortie .. bravo , pip pip and stiff upper lip old boy