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(Pix by Snake & Jim 'Rev' Murphy)

Click for more Pix of celebrity chef James Martin and the New Forest HOG posse (+ a couple of Wingers)

Celebrity chef James Martin once again agreed to lead over 200 gleaming Harley Davidson motorcycles on the annual ‘Toy & Candy’ charity bike ride to Southampton and Poole General Hospitals

New Forest HOG’s head road captain Phil Chadwick had been asked by event organiser Tony Long - a local motorcycle news journalist and Harley rider to round up the New Forest marshal posse to ensure everyone arrived at the various target destinations as safely (and noisily) as possible

The day started with HOGsters arriving at the dealership in blazing April Sunshine to deposit chocolate Eggs & presents in the huge DG20 Harley pick up truck in readiness for departure on masse at 11:00am.

First stop was the childrens ward at Southampton General having thundered up through Millbrook and Shirley to avoid the traffic lights. Most of the bikes parked on the top deck of the car park, while the pickup and celebrity entourage parked outside the main entrance. James Martin then went up to the wards to meet and greet the kids.

At 12:25 the ride headed West down the A31 to meet up with the Police escort at Ashley Heath. This last leg was terrific with a single Police Motor cyclist armed with TWENTY of ‘New Forest HOG’s’ finest marshalling crew with the whole ride moving as one all the way to Poole hospital in an uninterrupted flow.

Leading Police rider Mark Williams praised the NF HOG road operation saying that he always had a Marshal available just when he needed one and they positioned them selves in exactly the right places.

Mind you, Mark did a great job too …with a little help from his New Forest HOG friends. James did the biz on the kids ward with some assistance from Wingers Tigger, Poo and co.... and then we were done and it was off to Poole Quay for several chilled glasses of Tizer