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Forget ‘Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistlestop Café’ – despite the fact the waiting staff are bizarrely dressed like escapees from the chain gang in a keystone cops movie the hottest meal ticket in town is the  ‘Bubble and Squeak Special’ at the Waterfront Café at Pewsey Wharf  ...

("it looked so good I just had to have some" said Roy ‘Chester ProudFoot’  Jackson

"Pewsey ? Pewsey ? Where the flip is Pewsey  ?"  I hear you ask  Not exactly sure - best ask Cap’n Bee who meticulously researched and  masterminded an aptly named ‘April Amble’ that showcased the best the fair Shire of Wilt has to offer for the delectation of  New Forest HOGsters numbering in the region of 50 on a ‘El Scorchio’ Easter Monday.

Note : HOGster in baseball cap doing the 'Okey Cokey without moving his lips

La Dutchie' Rianne excelled on her first ever organized rideout on her brand new 2007 Sportie 1200 by not coming even remotely close dropping it  and was utterly unfazed when Bobbo Long and her partner Ian (Bob’s brother) split from the ride early and  headed for home accidentally forgetting to take her with them …  respect therefore  to those who have the courage to stick their fingers in Dykes (We are talking Dutch people here .. not LOH who find comfort in the arms of other women … perlease control the urge to allow innuendo and double entendres to sully your enjoyment of this small but beautifully constructed event report) .. but then I digress in a mild post ride drunken haze (as you do)

Brad, Nick & Bee (and some complete stranger moonwalking)

Following hard on the heels of  Pompey Johns virgin ride yesterday as deputy Road Captain. which received glowing tributes from many - Cap'n Bee likewise showed that when a New Forest HOG R.C. cares it shows. Loadsa bog and fuel stops but far more importantly a fantastic troll across beautiful countryside less trod by mortal man ... possibly since the Ice age. Only minor hiccup was when Lippy almost shat herself when first she had to do an emergency stop at an unmanned railway crossing when the red flashy lights kicked in and then had to make like Cap'n Lippy like a bat outta hell and leading everyone behind her in order to catch up with the rest of the ride by now several miles in the distance (which to be fair she did magnificently !)

From Pewsey we headed West to Warminster than back to Cranborne Manor garden centre for a final cuppa, a chance to admire the HOGS (of the Porkie Pie variety as opposed to the Milwaukee steel) and an opportunity to purchase a cup cake for loved ones who couldn’t be arsed to get up in time to make the ride – you know who you are and I hope you’re proud of yourselves (PP)


  More April Amble pix courtesy Jim 'Rev' Murphy  <<<

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