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To be or Knot to be

Where else to hold a fun rally than an area that engages vicars with 'Tourettes' to do christenings ?

This sign alone (bordering the camping area) would have been worth the price of admission .. if there had been one - which there wasn't cos Dave Holden generously threw open the doors to this years Knot Rally for Free having made a profit on the Cider rally. With many fresh back from Killarney the spirit of Blarney was rife at the event.

I was still on a week long bender (which started on Tuesday - 4th July in case you want to take notes for next year) celebrating being 39 again so spent most of the event (like everyone else) pissed but still managed to somehow take almost 400 pix the best of which are here.

Thanks to Ermintrude and Graham for a fab ride to Burnham on the Saturday