Winter Ball 2006

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It was hard not to think of the ‘perfect penis’ TV documentary that had 50% of the population (the male half obviously) leaving the room in a state of anguish with their legs crossed earlier in the week before the winter ball when I caught sight of the amusement guys wheeling in the ‘Bucking Knob’ sideshow in the afternoon.

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For those that missed it was a fly on the wall ‘meat and 2 veg’ makeover show. Needless to say both were a hit with the ladies however including Karen who mounted the throbbing beast several times wearing riggers gloves to ensure a ‘perfect grip’ on the slippery member

The human buzzer was also a fun variation on the traditional kids game requiring you to negotiate an electrified rail wearing a helmet mounted ring (no further knob gag intended -honestly) with at least  one lady being literally swept off her feet for a dodgy attempt at a winning pass

Fellow lensman Andy Taylor bravely stepped in the ‘line of fire’ in search of the most death defying photo of the evening by actually positioning himself behind the ducks in the shooting gallery – devotion above and beyond the call of duty surely given (despite assurances to the contrary) at least one person took pot shot at him with a cork loaded gun for his creative efforts

‘Soul Survivors’ – the best soul/R&B covers band I’ve ever seen kick started the evenings live music with outstanding versions of standards like ‘play that funk music white boy’ guaranteeing a packed dance floor from the word go and were worth the price of admission alone

Likewise having toured North America with the real thing I can vouch that Milly’s tribute show is a cracking tribute to the 1st Lady of rock - Tina Turner, with whom she shares the same charismatic ability to ensure oodles of crowd participation via  faultless renditions of Annie Mae’s Bullocks finest warblings

Finally you could have been forgiven for expecting bill toppers ‘Ballroom Glitz’ to be some kind of glam rock tribute - but although we didn’t get any Slade or T Rex what we did get before DJ Rockin’ Rob closed the show in his usual inimitable style with ole’ blue eyes “New York , New York” was a crowd pleasing selection of covers from the seventies ranging from ‘Silver Machine’ (for all ageing juvenile space cadets) to ‘You’re the one that I want’ )for all the closet ‘Grease’ fans and you can’t get much more diverse than that can you ?

On the pix front I did my best to capture as many peeps in their tuxes and party frocks as poss and my apologies if you were one of the many who gave up trying to get near the slideshow display. Special thanks to Pete for making sure I came home with at least one pic of Lippy & I ... much appreciated

Snake NF HOG 211

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>>>  View gallery 1 as slideshow (mostly couples)  <<<
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