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Monkey Run 2006 - Sunday 1st October 2006

SKY TV viewers will almost certainly be familiar with ‘Monkey Business’ which airs on the Animal Planet channel. Now into it’s NINTH series the cameras go to one of the largest primate rescue centres in the world – our very own Monkey World here in Dorset to follow the day to day lives of its apes and monkeys

If you’re a fan you will recognise operations manager Jeremy Keeling pictured with me here at the Snakes Pix stand on a recent Poole Quay bike night

Jeremy actually lives on site at ‘Monkey World’ but to commemorate his 50th birthday he’s taking time out from the gruelling 7 days a week work schedule he’s adhered to for the past 30 years to ride his motorcycle around the entire coast line of Britain over a 9 day period to raise money for Julia’s house – a hospice in Broadstone (near Poole) that cares for life-limited and life-threatened children throughout Dorset, the majority of whom are not expected to live into adulthood

Jeremy leaves on his epic journey on Friday 6th October from Monkey World to pick up the ‘coast road’ at Lulworth Cove. His aim is obviously to raise as much money as possible for this very worthy cause and welcomes any offers of sponsorship

Snakes Pix and New Forest HOG therefore organised a ride in to Monkey World on Sunday 1st October where an area of the car park was cordoned off for a static display of bikes which it was hoped would help generate further media coverage and support for Jeremy’s ride



At pub and club meets throughout September we sold raffle tickets with a choice of prizes. At a recent brainstorming session at Ginger Dwarf's various 'monkey related' ideas were tossed around so to speak and one of the suggestions that emerged was a kind offer by husband Mark of a sponsored abstinence from 'spanking his monkey' . Another offer from Roy to have a sponsored waxing of his 'back, sack and crack' was also much appreciated - however it was felt that neither of these suggestions were quite in keeping with Harley Davidson's interpretation of maintaining 'family values' - instead talented best friend Pete was persuaded to contribute a hand drawn caricature as a raffle prize. As you can see from the example below this was an opportunity to win a unique prize that would make a fantastic keepsake in years to come



(donated by Snakes Pix)

The latest must have toy following hard on the heels of the 'Ferbies' - this was a chance to win an interactive baby chimp that responds to feeding, tickling and hugging with lifelike movements with its arms, head and face and makes realistic baby chimp sounds - every home should have one !

Western Area Natter Night 06-09-06 - 'Chico' made his debut

 CLICK HERE for more pix of young Chico beein Oooh'd and Aaaah'd over

The 'Cuddle chimp'  made a huge impression at the pub meet where he brought out the maternal instinct in many of the female (and male) HOGsters . Suggestions were invited for a name to make him more 'real' (if that were possible).. 'Bubbles' was one of the ideas thoughtfully offered (and equally thoughtfully discarded) before Char came up with 'Chico' in a moment of spontaneous inspiration - takes a girlie !



Winning tickets for all prizes were drawn by Jeremy after our arrival at Monkey World

FUND RAISER #2 - Fridge Magnets

All participants on the fun run were asked to make a minimum donation of £1.00 per person in return for which they received a specially commissioned commemorative 'Monkey Run 2006' fridge magnet

You can find out more about Monkey World , Julia’s House and Animal Planet on the following web links


The weather forecast was ominous and 'El Presidente' and the Eastern area posse were deluged on the way down to the designated meet at Ower. I was naked except for wet weather gear under the monkey suit so if it persisted I would at least stay dry - or so I thought (more of that later) . Riding up from the west all 'Mad Max' and I got was a spray of surface water from an earlier downpour so simply held back form the cars in fornt. All things considered I was hoping for 20 bikes so it wasn't a ride in of one damp chimp (chump ?) and the three green jackets. Understandably I was gratified to find 20 or more bikes at Ower at 110.20 pm with lots more arriving by the designated 11.0 am depart - many of whom entered wholeheartedly into the spirit of the monkey theme

View gallery 1

(pix by Snake, Mad Max, Ginger Dwarf and Jim Murphy)

With a running pick up by Cap'n John at St Leonards lay by we were dozens strong (sounds a bit like Woodstock ?) despite the twat in a builders truck who all but took back marker Phil C. out in the process as he valiantly tried to hold back the traffic in the slow lane. Lippy had gone straight to Monkey World to organise the raffle draw and liase with Les Williams who had  kindly agreed to come and make the cheque presentation on behalf of the club. On arrival we drove around the car park a couple of times just to make our presence felt before parking for a static display to draw attention to Jeremy's epic ride around the coast of the UK to raise funds for Julia's House

View 'MonkeyWorld' mayhem pix

(pix by Lippy)

View Prize draw pix

(pix by Mad Max and Jim Murphy)

By now the sun was out and I was sweating so much inside the monkey suit that the mastic holding the latex prosthetic mask on  melted and even wraparound biker glasses wouldn't hold it to my face - so it was summarily dispensed with leaving me looking (as you'll see) like a zombie from 'Night of the Living Dead' and scaring the kids more than if I'd kept it on . Monkey World operations manager Jeremy Keeling had agreed to make the prize draw and true to his word pulled the following winners out of the hat ;

(pix courtesy 'John Boy')

'Fur Real' chimp winner - Jane Turner (Ferndown)
(donated by Snakes Pix and presented by New Forest HOG member 'Boop' )

official H-D Biker chimp winner - Keith Holdernay (Totton)
(donated by Dockgate 20)

Exclusive caricature winner - Mike & Maria Fennemore (Eastern area rep)
(donated by NF HOG member Pete Vivian)
View presentation pix

Mother and baby Orang-utan winner - A Monkey World punter (didn't catch her name)
(donated by NF HOG members Neil Case and 'Mrs Neil' - sorry don't know your name)

Stainless steel 'HOG' corkscrew winner - Cap'n John M.'s partner (sorry don't know your name)
(also donated by NF HOG members Neil Case and 'Mrs Neil')
View presentation pix

Large cake winner - Jim Murphy (Ace roving photographer - New Forest HOG
(donated by the tea ladies at Monkey World)


And so it was time to tot up the pennies and make the presentation ....

Download Hi Res copy of complete group shot
(400k - ADSL broadband recommended)

At last it was off round the park to gurn at a few fabulous primates

Spot the monkey competition

one of these is definitely NOT a monkey !

(pix by Snake and Jim Murphy)

Watch this space for Monkey World 2007 - Return to the Planet of the Apes !


Like the Ride4 Hayley earlier this year this project meant a great deal to me and simply would never have happened without the support , encouragement and valued contributions of the following people;

Pete Vivian, Bee, Phil C., John M., Neil C. and 'Mrs Neil', Bob Long, El Presidente, Steve Piper, Ginger Dwarf, Jim Murphy, Dockgate 20 and all the big hearted members who gave their money and time so generously in buying hundreds of raffle tickets in aid of the children cared for by Julia's House and risking getting their bikes wet for the most worthy of causes .. apologies if I've forgotten anyone !

Jeremy and I salute and thank you all most sincerely

Last but not least thanks to Lippy for unstinting support above and beyond the call given the tongue lashing she's taken in the past 10 days from people she had laboured under the mis-apprehension were 'friends' for too many years - She deserves better than you and what goes around will most surely come around girls ....



I felt duty bound to record 'The Leaving'  for posterity. Jeremy's plan had always been to leave from Lulworth Cove (the nearest coastal point) and like wise return to it 9 days later (if all went according to plan). Things went slightly tits up when on arrival at Monkey World at 4.45 (15 minutes prior to his planned 5.00 depart) on a blustery overcast friday afternoon my mobile starts ringing - its Jeremy asking me where I am ?. Predictably HE is at Lulworth 7 miles away with his hand on the throttle itching to rev up and ship out. Undeterred we agree to meet at the Sandbanks chain ferry and we'll grab a pic before he sets sail. As you can see my best intentions cost him a valuable hour of travel time as we arrive just as the bastard pulls the gang plank and chugs off and its 6.00pm before we finally set rubber on terra firma again

I apologise profusely and chaperone him to the spur road en route for Brighton via Lymington , Hythe and assorted coast roads in between. He was aiming for Whitby by saturday night and then whatever coast is closest to Edinburgh (?) by sunday. His aim to take a more leisurely return down the east coast in the coming week

Jeremy gives it some 'You wouldn't see my arse for dust' biker attitude (for at least 100 yards)