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'Damp', 'Moist' or 'Wet' between the legs are all desirable adjectives when used in a Barbara Cartland novel - they take on an entirely different meaning when used to describe an event held in squally rain showers and high winds heralded as the 'South Coast Cruiser Fest'

Not so much and celebration of all things V-Twin more a rather sad excuse to see the same things you could see in any of the three sponsoring dealers showrooms or shop premises but in considerably more conducive surroundings. These events sink or swim by the weather on the day but the the writing was on the wall when I was asked to remove the Snakemobile from the car park because the landlady of the Albion (a miserable bitch that Bob Long, Bee and I had the dubious pleasure of encountering a week earlier when researching  the route for the requested ride in of Harleys to try and enliven the 'fest') was threatening to 'pull the plug' if too many people turned up.

The location for the event was a depressing shit hole of waste ground bordering an industrial park behind the Albion pub. There was no organisation or atmosphere let alone anywhere for the punters to shelter . I've been to many a rally in the pissing rain and still had a great time so no excuses there guys

(Pic courtesy Jim Murphy - Ace roving reporter)

The official Poole town crier had no more idea what he was doing there than I did and the only saving grace might have been a decent show of bikes for the ride in show given there were several very nice trophies donated by the likes of EasyRider, BSH and Redwing shoes but without a marquee to keep them dry (the bikes that is not the trophies) it wasn't worth getting the sucker out of the garage

Sources tell me that they waited till 5.30 for the band to play (without success before giving up and going home . All in all the end of term report says 'must try harder' but for my money one to avoid

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