Prom Ride-in
with HOG

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"Thanks you to everyone who made my prom such a brilliant day.  I would also
like to say an extra special thanks to Ed, Ali and Kaz.  Sean Kayleigh and I
all had a great night and the best entrance there.  Thank you from Casey"


HAPPINESS IS ................Taking your daughter to the prom with a Harley

I would like to give you all a big hug and a huge Thank You for making my
daughter - Casey's - escort to the prom so special.  Especially to Ed for
spending all that time cleaning his trike to take Casey and her friend Kaley
on it.  Thanks too to Cas for taking Sean - who was a last minute addition. 
You could see from the expression on their faces how happy it made them, I'm
sure she will write her own little thank you.  You could also see from the
expression on the crowds face how impressed they were, when they heard the
rumble of the engines, way down the road, at the entrance to the hotel.

My heart was bursting with pride when I saw you all arriving to pick them
up, I was so happy I nearly cried.  It is a wonderful feeling to have so
many friends.  Thanks too to Phil who came all the way from Poole, and Ali
for filming the event for us.

This will always be one of those very special memories for life.  You all
know if we can ever return the favour - you have our number - now I can go
and have that big brandy!
Love and kiss to you all


HAPPINESS IS ...................Marrying your daughter off early :)

I just cant believe how great our friends are to put in such an effort after
such a long ride back from Warmwell, or after a day at work, for them to
come out again in not a particularly nice evening.

I am greatful to every one of you as much as the other but I would
especially like to thank Mike Fennamore for his leadership, Bee & Sue for
making sure no one got left behind and attending even though Sue had a
stinking cold - (or was just stinking!!)  Pompey Pete for going above and
beyond the call of duty and his support.

It goes without saying Caseys Prom could never have been so successful
without Ed to take her and her friend Kaley on his trike.  Thanks to Cas for
taking Caseys friend Sean on his bike, who otherwise would have had a very
boring trip to the prom - probably on the bus!

I promise, the two cases of Red Bull at the Fareham meeting point was not
arranged by me, but was a welcome bonus from the landlord of the bar we
parked outside.

There were no accidents, dramas or breakages so the DVD's John and Ali
filmed for us won't be "X" rated.  I hope you all got home safe and enjoyed
it as much as we did.  I would like to thank every single one of you once
again and when anyone of you ever need support Mim's and I will be there for
you because we love you all to bit's thank you.

Tony XX

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