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Sunday 19th was a day of extremes for me.

I was thankful for a cloudless sky when I drew back the curtains on the sunday morning and ecstatic when over 120 bikes Harleys thundered into Dockgate from all over the region and beyond to ensure this special day for Hayley would exceed her wildest expectations but ultimately I was humbled by the awesome spirit of the young lady who inspired me and everyone present to be a part of this event

Due to the overwhelming turn out road captain Phil Chadwick lead everyone to the car park of an adjacent industrial park whilst a small delegation of riders accompanied Ed and his trike to collect Hayley from her house in a quiet cul-de-sac just outside of Romsey.

Hayleys' face when she caught site of the massed hordes of Harleys and they spontaneously revved engines and saluted her with their horns was an absolute delight. The brilliant sunshine created a perfect backdrop for a breeze through Romsey town centre and then out across the New Forest to Lyndhurst before doubling back to DG20. The autumnal colours of the trees straining at the leash for the release of Spring supplied a stunning backdrop for Max and I as we did our best to capture everyone on the ride for posterity.

Unfortunately the best laid plans can't take account of mishaps so commiserations to the guy who dropped his bike on a roundabout leaving Romsey and those who abandoned the ride to help him or were unable to catch up with the main ride (which rolled on blissfully unaware) as a result - I know you were with us in spirit !

A round of applause greeted Ed and Hayley on their return to Dockgate where I presented her with a Harley 'goodie bag' to explore whilst we rallied the troops for a commemorative group photo and the Echo photographer did his thing for the local rag . For the record Max and I took over 400 shots throughout and the best of them are featured in the galleries above. I'm also putting together a special presentation album and framed print for Hayley as a momento.

Pink is her favourite colour so the pink feather boas adorning her family, friends and their bikes representing their support for the 'In the Pink' breast cancer awareness campaign were all the more poignant. You can find more information on the breast cancer care website

I'm indebted to Ed for supplying Hayley’s wheels , Bee, Phil C. Cap’n Bob , Jilly and all the road crew , Bob Tile, DG 20 & John Boy for the contents of Hayley's goodie bag and to everyone for the energy and enthusiasm that made this such an emotionally satisfying day for me personally and an overwhelming success in human terms I hope for everyone present

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Hayley passed away peacefully in her sleep at her home Thursday 20th April 2006 at 6.52 a.m.

Her funeral took place on Thursday 27th April at Romsey Abbey

Hayley had requested that no black to be worn at her funeral as she loved bright colours so much. As a result her coffin bearers wore white and pink . She also chose the music she wanted played at her funeral including a song by KT Tunstall as she didn't want (her words) a 'dreary service'. Bee and I attended to 'represent' New Forest HOG' at this remarkable young lady's passing and thought you might like to share gob smacking moments as her horse drawn hearse draws into the abbey and hundreds of pink are balloons are released (after the service) in recognition of the freedom of her spirit



In the month before her death Hayley committed to allowing the BBC to film her on a number of occasions to reflect her determination to live her life to the full despite the few weeks she had left to enjoy it. As a testimony to her spirit Kim (Hayleys mum) advises me that this program is due to be aired on Monday 11th September 2006 on BBC1 - 'Inside Out' at 7.30 pm

Please watch it - you will be amazed