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EVENT REPORT by MIke Fennemore

We asked for a supreme effort for the annual M.A.G. Easter egg run to East Shore special needs school in Portsmouth and thatís exactly what we got and thatís exactly what we got.  The Harley turn out was the best yet, thirty five bikes and in weather that was worsening by the hour. Our ride in was quite something by the smile on the MAG organisers and I know how pleased they were with our turn out.  By the time we left for the main parade ride the rain started and continued for the rest of the day Ö but by then the number of bikes had risen to one hundred and fifty four the best ever, so who gave a damn about a bit of rain.

The next problem was how we were going to marshal this number of bikes. Normally four of us manage and thatís hard work, However New Forest HOG to the rescue.  Tony, Pete, Potter, L.M.G. and a couple of others had the road craft bang on and slipped in to relieve Marshals at various points maintaining the flow of bikes Ö great when everyone knows what to do without being asked. 

 There were the usual couple of irate motorists who couldnít give the ride a couple of minutes - sad gits they are, one even threatened a MAG rider with a punch in the head but they soon back off when the big boys walk up donít they ? -  after all the event is for children who are less fortunate than most, thatís the sad bit. 

 Cas Castro had to go home on the back of breakdown wagon because his bike was stuck in gear, we waited with him 'til it arrived and some helped him to load it on. Apparently it had freed itself by the time he got home.  Now Cas are you sure it was stuck ? - because there were some saying you didnít want to ride home in the rain so you called out the RAC Ö but  I know thatís not true cos I tried your bike and it was stuck firmly in gear so donít you worry about it mate. 

 Despite wanting to do the ride so much John Lee was another casualty who had to retire and limp home with a dodgy clutch release bearing . John had missed the ride last year as well, never mind there always next year.

 All in all though a great day out with some fun people and remember, itís not what you ride but IF you ride that counts so letís look ahead to more fun with our biker buddies. 

 Ride safe. 


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