Eastern Area Social (21-01-2006)
 hosted by 'Independents M.C.C.'
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It was with a certain amount of trepidation that your worthy scribe ventured through the heavily fortified gates and past security to enter the inner sanctum of the ‘Independents M.C.C.’ clubhouse near Gosport to participate in the social evening organised by Mike Fennemore in an effort to ward off the chill of a freezing cold January night which had inevitably followed a beautiful day that saw many sleepy Harleys woken early from hibernation for a quick spin in the January sun

Dressed in a dapper dress leather jacket and smart black jeans and feeling not dissimilar to a spare prick at an orgy I ran the gauntlet of what felt like staring and suspicious eyes of assorted ‘Road Warriors’ ‘Resurrected’s and bikers of various other races , creeds , denominations and back patches desperately seeking a familiar face to ensure I was in fact at the correct venue ….

Before I finally spotted Mike I was struck by the feeling that this must have been how Brian Epstein felt in 1963 the first time he ventured into the depths of a sweaty Liverpool 'Cavern Club' in his lunch hour dressed in a business suit in search of those lovable mop tops John, Paul, George & Ringo and marvelled at the awesome architecture within the arched ceiling and seated alcoves - located as the club is under a viaduct !

Having been warmly welcomed by Mike and Maria I then further espied ‘Woody’. Micky ‘2 Feathers’ and a whole array of reassuringly familiar faces including DG20 staff settling into an evening of cheap booze (courtesy of a cozy integral bar), free food and fine live entertainment from Nicki who was wearing a leather mini so short she deserved to have her bottom spanked - and as the evening wore on I was privy to a number of conversations with Fellow HOGsters (all male I hasten to add) more than willing to volunteer for the job - it was a dirty job and many wanted to do it.

I’m sure I wasn’t alone in wondering if some kind of inter gang rivalry would lead to trouble as the night wore on but with Nicki playing a varied selection of contemporary music culminating in some unusual Irish folk songs the entire event remained thoroughly good natured with spontaneous outbreaks of 'Riverdance’ style jigs throughout the heaving throng

All in all a stonking success with everyone I spoke too marvelling not only at the unique atmosphere of the venue but also how fab it was to be part of a genuinely friendly ‘All Biker’ event and how they would definitely come again given the opportunity. Well they’ll get their chance in the not too distant future because shortly before Nicki returned to the stage at around 11.00pm to boogie on into the night the head of the ‘Independents MC’ took to the stage to thank everyone for coming and invite all and sundry back for a ‘Valentines Party’ on Saturday 11th February 2006 … so hats off to Mike for ‘daring to be different’ and if you want more details on the next ‘all biker’ gathering Mike’s contact details are on the inside back cover of the newsletter - but book early as the event is sure to be over subscribed !

Snake NF HOG 211

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