New Forest HOG at Sutlers (17-12-2005)
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Its rare for yours truly to find himself on the receiving end of a camera lens so I was flattered when ‘2 Feathers’ invited Lips and I to participate in a ‘fun photo’ shoot at the Sutlers emporium at the Triangle in Bournemouth as a final jolly jape with ‘Fagin’ & ‘Hyawatha’ prior to their impending departure for San Francisco on the 28th December.

As a veteran of many fancy dress parties at rallies I figured dressing up as a cowboy would be a walk in the park. I hadn’t reckoned on the meticulous attention to detail Nancy – the ‘production director’ would lavish prior to letting the lens man loose.

Having assessed each individuals ‘character’ she then set about out fitting you into suitable costume (I was a ‘gambler’ - not the 'undertaker' in case you were wondering) . However dressing only two at a time it took well over an hour before the eleven in our group were suitably attired. The girls were particularly impressed with their showgirl gowns and the guys even more so with the uplifting effect the corsets had on their assets.

Whilst others are getting kitted the cameraman starts shooting couples and smaller groups as a prelude to the full blown group shots brandishing a variety of impressive guns and props against suitably authentic Western backdrops .

In the course of shoe horning him into the undertakers coffin Ray was permanently christened ‘Woody’ as a result of his uncanny resemblance to the Pixar character in 'Toy Story'.

Its not particularly cheap but the camera mans compositional skills and attention to detail were impressive and as a ‘one off’ it’s a good crack.

Afterwards it was all back to our place for a few sherberts and one final group shot for the album in our HOG colours. You can follow the ongoing US exploits of 'Fagin' & 'Hyawatha' by clicking here

You can also contact Sutlers on 01202-296692 and tell ‘em Snake sent you !

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