Funeral for a friend

Thursday 24th November 2005

Sincere thanks to Bob, Phil & Bee who despite the very real threat of sleet and snow helped Lippy and I deliver on a promise to provide an escort of Harleys to our close friend Mike Loftus on his final road trip.


Mike who died on Tuesday 15th November following a year long battle with cancer aged 55 hailed from New York and was a genuine Vietnam veteran having been drafted at the age of 18 , trained by the navy as an electronics engineer and then sent off on an aircraft carrier to fly helicoptor missions dropping Agent Orange on the gooks. 25 years later he was diagnosed as suffering from PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and flown back to States for treatment. Whilst still a young 'grunt' he married a lovely English lady called Geraldine and although he amazingly fulfilled an ambition to gain an open university degree in Psychology around the age of 50  he never achieved his other lifelong ambition to own a Harley. He was however a committed biker who spent every summer bombing all over the Dorset countryside on his Yamaha 125.

Gerry made a donation to MS as a thank you ........ photos courtesy my mate Micky who was attending the funeral and took these pix at my request for the sake of Mike's mother in the States who was unable to attend the funeral