Hyawatha & Fagin's
Official Leaving Party 10-12-2005


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Fagin & Hywatha invited all friends & well wishers to their OFFICIAL leaving party at ‘The Empress of Blanding’, Copythorne, prior to their emigration to San Francisco 28th December 2005.A cunning plan was hatched for Lynda's teenage daughters to travel down from Manchester and surprise her - which they did guaranteeing some cracking 'emotional reunion' pix to kick start the evening so pull up a hanky and have a quiet 'Cilla' moment (non UK readers won't get this reference but think gut wrenching emotional reunions with long lost relatives and you'll be close to the money). Mick '2 feathers' set a fearsome drinking pace knocking back ever larger shots of JD and to his credit was still standing by chucking out time at 11.30 ... but only just .. with some assistance !!