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Addendum  January 21st 2006
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As promised the story so far along with some before pictures:-

On a Sunday evening a few weeks ago I was surfing the internet, specifically the Harley Owners Group (HOG) web site.  I came cross a request posted on the site by a TV production company for a would be TV star.  They were asking for someone with a Harley Davidson Softail Heritage Classic motorcycle, I have one of those, someone aged between 25 – 45 years of age, I am (just) and someone who is in reasonable shape, round is a shape. 

Not knowing exactly what lay in store but thinking that I did fit the bill and this might be a bit of an adventure, I e-mailed the TV Company and hoped for the best. On Monday I got a phone call and on Tuesday I was in their offices having a screen test.  Four weeks later I got another phone call telling me how lucky I was that I had been chosen to take part in the show.

The show is called ‘All the gear, no idea’ and is shown on 'Men & Motors' at 8 o’clock on Wednesdays and then repeated several times through the week.  The show is basically a makeover show.  In their words “Each episode focuses on one clueless individual in need of cutting edge new gear and a pumped up ride”.  These wonderful transformations take place in LA where Gard Holinger, bike designer and builder extraordinaire, will take charge of customising my bike and Guy Blews, stylist to the stars, will customise me.

To bring the story up to date:  The film crew have already filmed my family and friends who were asked what they would like to change about the bike and me.  The scary bit is I was not privy to their answers.  So, I don’t know what was said.  That, I suppose is the big catch in all of this – I don’t know what is going to happen to either my bike or me.  My trusty steed is already in LA; she went a couple of weeks ago.  I travel out on the 24th September for a week.

Sometime after I return there will be a big unveiling of my bike back in the UK, the first time I would have seen it since it was packed of to LA.  I expect the show to be shown sometime in December.

For more info on the show follow this link:,,12133~712006,00.html

I'll keep you informed of the progress



'All the Gear -No idea' makeover reveal - 19/11/05 - Dockgate 20

John put on a brave face for the cameras but everyone's heart went out to him as they knew how  disappointed he was with the end result which didn't seem to reflect anything he or his friends and family  had suggested to the original research crew. You can share John's pain when the show transmits Wednesday December 14th 2005 on the 'Men & Motors'  channel
A final word from John
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...and so to the final word from John 3 days after the big reveal !

Snake - How's it going?

Ali and I are still in shock after the weekend and wondering what to do for the best. Should we sell it, keep it or burn it. I have mailed the production company with my feelings but I don't know if or what they are willing to do about it. They said they would discuss my mail and get back to me. Here's hoping.

The pictures on your site are great, you could almost be fooled into thinking I was pleased, but your words said it all. Totally disappointed, we really were looking forward to having something even more special than we had before. I guess it will serve me right for being greedy.

We have had a lot of phone calls over the last few days from members of the club offering help and support. That has helped a great deal to lift our mood, every cloud.......

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As I told John via e-mail I thought he put on a very brave face given all the predictions of others (once we'd had a preview of the bike) and I don't think for a single minute anyone who knows him thought his motive was greed - it sounded like a good crack and I'm sure (hope) in many ways that for him it was
I think its a great shame that the customisers put their egos before the wishes and suggestions from John, his friends and family that would have made sharing riding the bike with Ali (who has severe back problems) more accessible and I'm sure you'll agree it would have been a much more watch able program on an emotional level if they had.
As I also pointed out on the plus side he had an experience that money couldn't have bought AND he was  famous for more than 15 minutes which more than most of you reading this can say !

(UPDATE 21/01/2006)

The saga ended relatively happily for John when (having advertised the bike in Motorcycle News) he was contacted by a guy from Birmingham way who had seen the show and fallen in love with the bike and ironically been trying to track John down . A deal was done and a straight swap made for a 2 year old Road KIng with just several thousand miles on the clock. Needles to say John's a happy bunny once again

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