1st Dockgate 20 Club Night   (20-04-05)
Event Report

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Event Report

A warm sunny day and the promise of free beers and a selection of hot food saw an influx of riders from as far afield as Bridport intent on making the first Dockgate 20 club night a roaring success

Anne Harriott and her co workers had brought a delegation of disabled kids in from the Treloar’s school for disabled youngsters to present dealer principle Bob Tile with a thank you letter for the £500 raised from the raffle of a remote control Harley at this years winter ball in February. Having not only donated the prize in the first place DG20 had also undertaken to match the winning bid … a stonking £250 from an exceedingly generous (or sozzled) partygoer.

By the time the majority of riders (including chapter director Les his buddy Roy) arrived around 8.00 the sun had dropped and it was getting decidedly cool on the forecourt and the kids in wheelchairs were duly wrapped in blankets. However ‘Uncle Les’ rapidly restored the waning smiles on their faces by encouraging them to all shout ‘Sex’ as pictures were taken of them to the mild consternation of their carers who made them promise not to repeat the word when they got them back home. (the kids that is … not Uncle Les). The childrens hysterical screams of glee at being able to say a naughty word were however priceless to behold and warmed the cockles as the evening cooled.

It was an excellent turnout and by my estimation around 150 or riders graced the DG20 portals throughout the evening - at least one of whom was returning home on an elegant retro style whitewall job he had only taken delivery of that very afternoon in readiness for the forthcoming pilgrimage to the Euro rally in St Tropez and jumped at the chance of having his photo taken astride it with a couple of dolly birds present who regrettably declined to spice up the photoshoot by draping themselves over the bike BSH style –bit cold I suppose. Pat & Bob turned up on their newly triked Sportser which also looked stunning with its maroon marble custom paint job and array of hand crafted shiny bits . Bob was deservedly chuffed with the result but Pat referred to herself as having been ‘shed widow’ for the past year.

The evening rounded off nicely with a presentation to Dr. Bob, one of the co-founders of New Forest HOG for services rendered to the club as he’s apparently due to relocate imminently to France. Bob was desperately hoping that the gift wrapped package contained the keys to his pick of the bikes in the showroom. He commented that the keys to a new Harley would be useful if his French purchase fell through as he had already sold his bike ! …in reality it was a chunky HD fob watch engraved with a message from the club, equally timeless - you just can’t ride it

His legendary ‘Gunz and Dr Bob’ camping weekends - a high point of the club social calendar for so many look likely to be resurrected however in a ‘twinning’ exercise with his new French gaffe which evidently has an area adjacent to it suitable for camping. It was obviously an emotional moment for Les who planted a big sloppy man kiss on the top of Bob’s head before former club director Rick Legg (the other co-founder) made the official presentation speech.

Mugs of piping hot tea and coffee were downed to ward off the evil chills that would undoubtedly set in on a cold night ride home. A good old chinwag was had by all and I’m sure everyone is looking forward to forthcoming club nights scheduled for the third Wednesday through each of the summer months. It was obviously a long day for Bob Tile and the staff at DG 20 who were given a well earned round of applause by those present for duty above and beyond the call… Hip Hip Hurrah!

Snake NF211

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