Dream Team USA 2005 - Weymouth
Event Report
(Track pix courtesy Sue 'Flash' Long & Snake)

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Event Report

Like Moses parting the dead sea ‘Big Roger’ cut a swathe through the centre of the Good Friday bank holiday traffic jams valiantly leading  a sizeable contingent of New Forest HOGsters to a makeshift speedway track adjacent to Weymouth FC to lend support to the visiting ‘Dream Team USA’ . A bunch of spunky young guys with funky names like Gomez, Faccini and Harmiatuk who had apparently shelled out £9000 of their own money to ship  their bikes to the UK and undertake a sponsored tour pitting  themselves against the best dear old Blighty had to offer.

Weymouth speedway had requested 14 Harley riders to escort the young pretenders on a couple of laps of the cinder track before and after the races to make them feel welcome and transform the meeting into a really extra special event . Given it’s still only March the weather could not  have been kinder.

As a 14 year old schoolboy I was an avid supporter of Poole Pirates so it was cool to relive an adrenaline fuelled mis-spent youth  watching these kids with no brakes on their bikes slamming into the safety barriers race after race in search of glory without a thought for their own personal safety.  Although the St Johns ambulance peeps did ‘em proud  ‘ouch that must have hurt’ inevitably passed many lips more than once !

I suspect the Yanks were more accustomed to racing larger tracks than this one and ultimately the Weymouth ‘Wildcats’ trounced the Dreamers 56 to 37.

Better luck next time guys

‘Snake’ NF HOG 211

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