New Forest HOG - Xmas Party 2004
(Western Area)


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Event Report

The new format and venue for the Christmas party was a resounding success with people seemingly happy to travel from far and wide to check it out . Well done to Diane, Ross and the White Horse staff for all their hard work laying on  a truly sumptous hot buffet  that was tasty, well presented, plentiful and which (unusually) catered admirably for the veggies among us. They get my vote to oversee the catering at the Winter Ball this year ! 

The turnout was high as New Forest  HOG got into the ‘spirit’ of things. In addition to all the usual Western Area suspects their were  lots of new faces I didn’t recognise – many sporting festive head gear.  There was no Father Christmas , although Les was wearing his Santa hat, sadly  he wouldn’t let me sit on his knee and whisper what I wanted for Christmas. Shame ‘cause I’ve been a really good girl this year! 

Martin Kitcher’s ‘Alliance’ did a great set of their own  before backing Terry Nash’s tribute to Meatloaf  which was as ever powerful and entertaining as ever. The dance floor was pretty packed  throughout his 90 minute set which also included an excellent version of ‘Suspicious Minds’ by Elvis  and some heads down , no nonsense Rock n  Roll. Folk head-banged their socks off, sang along and generally had a damn good time - so Terry obliged with a further 15 minutes worth of crowd pleasing encores before handing over to the disco. I didn’t stay ‘til the end – having been hauled off by my halo around 1a.m.  – as Snake was ready to drive back to Bournemouth (the long way round). Wished we’d booked a B&B for the night – anyone who knows me knows I hate to leave a party that’s in full swing!  

I’m gather those in B&B partied on into the wee small hours and no doubt did justice to the mountain of buffet food still on the tables when we left. The evening knocked spots off the last Christmas bash we attended at Sandy Balls in 2003 so thanks to the Committee and our area rep. Bob Long for daring to be different and trying something new .  

Hopefully we now have another viable fixture in the New Forest Hog event calendar  - Those of you who didn’t go missed a great night out in true New Forest  HOG style

So how much fun did you have for ten quid that night ?  

Lippy NF 211a